A Day in My Life


The Day in My Life project demonstrates a basic 24 hours in a very precise way. It converts my average daily activities into percents based on the time it takes to do each of the activities and how much time they take out of my day. The project has helped me understand how to make more advanced and professional presentations and slide shows that are easier to understand. It will increase others understanding of a day in my life.


Color Palette

Pie Chart


Hi, my name is Chloe. I wake up at 5:10 every morning and then start getting ready at 5:20. I usually take around 40 minutes to get ready, after that I catch the bus. I’m on the bus for about 30 minutes, then I arrive at school. I’m at school for about 4 hours and after that 4 hours I eat lunch for 30 minutes. Afterwards, I’m at school for two more hours, then I catch my bus back home and that takes another 30 minutes. When I get home, I eat a snack, go on social media, hang out with friends, paint or draw ,do yoga, read a book, etc. I usually do that for about 6 hours. After that, I eat dinner for about an hour. Later, I do homework for about an hour and after I’m done with homework, I go to sleep for about 8 hours. Thank you for listening!




The Documentary

What I Learned

  • Body Language
  • Good posture is better for loud voice
  • body language can help people determine how you feel
  • Expanding body helps boost confidence or shows confidence
  • inverted body language show when you’re shy, uncomfortable, etc.
  • women tend to have introverted body language because they feel less powerful then men
  • when you pretend to be powerful you tend to actually feel more powerful
  • Presence: confident, authentic, captivating, comfortable
  • Fake it til’ you become it
  • Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes
  • Wonder Women pose helps you feel more powerful and it boosts your confidence
  • Voice
  • HAIL: Honesty, authentic, integrity, love
  • Associate depth in voice with power and authority
  • Rich, smooth, warm voice
  • Warm up your voice
  • sound like a leader
  • Speakers tone is very important
  • work on delivery of presentation
  • Voice tone has cognitive and emotional effect on audience
  • pause in between important information so audience can take time to remember
  • Emphasize what you’re saying
  • First name-pitch goes up, last name-pitch goes down
  • Your voice tone should depend on purposes your targeting