Post Production Citizen Kane

Audio Recording

These are the sound recordings for the interview of me reading the lines of the script.

Reactions to Final Versions

“I can see that you’re facing directly towards the camera.”-Maddy

“I noticed how you analyzed how the characters interacted with each other, and their relationship.” -Isobel

“Chloe pronounces her words really well so the audience can understand her.” -Sydney

What I Learned

I learned how to be a sound designer and an actress. I also learned how scripts and interviews are made. I now know to look more closely at what makes a scene good. There are many elements to a film. The cinematography, sound effects, the interaction between two characters in a story and the acting are what the audience should analyze.

Recommendation Final

If you’re looking for someone who will take charge and be dependable you’re looking for Sydney! Her and I have known each other only since the beginning of the year, but ever since I’ve met her she’s always known what to do and has stayed on task. Sydney is not afraid to prove her points and ask questions when she is unsure. She always has had an amazing touch of style and she loves to express herself with the things she wears. Sydney is very hardworking and I strongly recommend her to any group looking for guidance.



We used three lights, two of them pointing directly to my face and one of them behind me to achieve a soft look.

Camera Position/Movement

The camera stayed directly in front of me with no movement. The camera was positioned to be at eye level.

Citizen Kane Analysis


We made a video analyzing a Citizen Kane clip using a voiceover describing what is happening

Embed your assigned video clip from Citizen Kane

Write a brief description about the project

We’re analyzing the video on the cinematography, editing, sound effects, and story. We’re watching the 4th clip from the Citizen Kane movie. Later, we will use this movie as a reference to make a film of our own.

Mise-en-scéne (meez-on-sen)

Sound and Editing


Narrative and Genre

Interview Video

Embed your final filmed interview video

What I learned

Chocolate! Film Post-Production Sound Designer


For this stage, I placed the video clips into Premiere Pro and started editing. I cut out unwanted parts of the clips. I combined the clips and made each shot flow smoothly to the next. I made sure the audio of each clip was loud and clear so the audience would be able to understand what the actors were saying. I added in the ADR.  I experimented with the colors section of Premiere Pro. I liked changing the color and look of the film. I uploaded the finished product on Youtube.

Working with the Editor

I decided to record additional sound effects since there was not enough. I decided to not include video transitions between clips because I didn’t want to add too much to the film. I also didn’t want the film to have choppy editing.

How Could I Have Improved the Film

There was a recommended change to make the film have color, instead of it being black and white. I thought it would be better for it to have color since this is more of a comedic film than a serious one. There was a recommended change to make the sound louder since what the actors were saying couldn’t be heard.

What I Learned

I learned how to edit a film. One problem I had was how to make the sound louder. I figured it out by adjusting the number of decibels. I learned how to be a sound designer, how to write a storyboard, and how to come up with fun interesting ideas with your group.

Chocolate! Film Production Sound Designer


During the production stage, I reviewed the storyboard with the director. I helped the actors know where to be so I could have a good place to stand and get the sound I want. I recorded what the actors said during each shot. I also recorded the sounds in the film, such as the sound of the chocolate hitting the actor’s face. Later I did ADR.

Collating Sound for Editing

Sounds - Google Drive - Google Chrome 6_3_2019 5_06_55 PM

This is where I labeled and stored all my sound effects.

Sound Choices

I recorded the sound of the chocolate hitting his face because I wanted it to be more dramatic. The harder the slap the more comedic it will be. I recorded the sound of someone falling so his fall would sound more dramatic and impactful. The sound of the ventilation system as background noise makes the movie feel more natural. There’s no awkward silence in the background.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned how to film the actor’s lines and the sound of the props. I learned how to organize and label sound clips into one file. I learned how to correctly use the sound equipment. I had a problem with the equipment at first. I couldn’t get the mic to work at first, but with the help from the director, it began to pick up the sound again.

Chocolate! Film Pre-Production Sound Designer


For the pre-production stage, I discussed ideas with the director on how to make this film. My role is the sound designer. I also helped write the storyboard with them also. With a sound recorder, boom mic, and a pair of headphones I was able to test out if the sound quality was good.

Test Recordings–Dp-3Uw_6K1QOZRt17YDsr

Here’s a folder of the two test recordings.


Discussions with Director

This is the storyboard that I and the director made. We discussed our ideas on how to film it and wrote them down. We decided to include close-ups in a couple of shots so we could dramatize how the character was feeling. The first shot is her turning her back away from the camera. This makes her mysterious, and she is also closer to the camera so she can appear larger than her husband. The side angles show that the character is distant from his wife, and doesn’t want to look at her.

What I learned and Problems I Solved

I learned how to use the sound equipment. I also learned how to come up with new and interesting ideas for our film. I learned how to make a storyboard and follow it. I didn’t really have a problem learning how to do these things.

Citizen Kane Research

The Battle Over Citizen Kane

  • Film almost destroyed before it reached the public
  • Orson Wells was young but brilliant
  • Willy got everything he wanted
  • Willy loved theater and acting
  • He hired a woman to collapse on the street and he hired someone to jump off a ferry just to see the publics’ reactions.
  • Orson had never been discouraged
  • Wells didn’t think. He just did.
  • While growing up he was told he was marvelous
  • He was going to revolutionize theater
  • the play was a great success
  • Welles like danger
  • Hearst used his papers for money
  • Hearst wrote papers about immigrants but they eventually all lost money
  • Docudrama RKO 281

  • Orson could write, direct and act
  • Comedic documentary